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About Max

I am originally from Costa Rica and currenlty live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with my wonderful wife. Both are beautiful countries that are abundant in wildlife and offer amazing opportunities for nature photography.

The beauty of nature is something I have always liked to capture, but in 2014 I finally decided to take it more seriously, invested in better photography gear and started studying and practicing. From 2016 to 2019 I was a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC). During that time I earned an accreditation as a Nature Photographer and one of my images was scored as "Merit" and as "Accepted" in Regional and National Image Competitions.

I love the different kinds of nature photography: macro, night, wildlife and landscape. All my images are taken in the wild. Through my art I want to provide a connection with nature, a door to a reality greater than the mechanical lives we are taught to follow. I want to help people realize that we live in a wonderful planet, that nature is fascinating and that it should be appreciated. 

For developing my images I focus on fine art prints, taking care of many different details to make sure that they have the highest quality when printed in larger sizes. If you need help selecting an image to decorate your space or would like to have a specific print size please let me know. I will gladly help you to accommodate your needs.

Photography is a never ending journey where you always learn something new. Being able to capture a moment with my camera and share it with the world is a great privilege.

You can contact me by using the Contact form in the navigation menu. You can also send me an email to max@photosbymoa.com or call me at +1 (587) 834 0662.

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